All of our delicious all purpose bakery desserts always baked fresh for you! We make sure all of our ingredients are high quality I and never use any preservatives. 

Online ordering you can call or email your order can send bill through pay pal or payment may be taken over the phone.

Delivery are done on Fridays and Saturday $10 delivery fee 10 mile radius and $20 10 to 20 miles.

Whoopie $48 dozen / Gf $60

Traditional Whoopie

Chocolate cake shells with butter cream frosting

Reese's cup 

Chocolate cake shells with Reese's  peanut butter cup buttercream frosting

Lemon Raspberry

Lemon cake shells with raspberry frosting 

Double Chocolate

Chocolate cake shells with chocolate butter cream frosting

Maple Bacon 

Ginger bread cake shells with maple bacon frosting

Cookie dough

Chocolate cake shells with cookie dough filling


Pumpkin cake shells with butter cream frosting

Red Velvet 

Red velvet cake shells with cream cheese frosting

Chocolate Bailey 's

Chocolate Bailey's cake shells with chocolate Bailey's frosting


Chocolate cake shells with oreo  frosting

Espresso coffee 

chocolate espresso cake shells with chocolate espresso frosting

Andes mint

Chocolate cake shells with Andes mint frosting

Protein desserts

Our protein desserts are made with organic ingredient, cage free eggs and organic gluten free protein powder. which we are able use in gluten free desserts .

. Chocolate chip  Peanut butter cookie

. Oatmeal raisin cookie 

. Double chocolate chip cookie 

       per dozen $18.95

. Chocolate chip brownies 

       $42 per dozen

. Flax seed, chai seed brownie

       $42 per dozen

. Peanut butter truffle 

       $18 per dozen

. cookie dough truffle 

        $18 per dozen

. Banana bread by the slice

          $30 per dozen

. Energy bites

       $18 per dozen

. Eatable peanut butter dough

       $24 per dozen

      GF $36 per dozen

 Individual Focaccia bread

. Cheese Focaccia 

. Peppers, onion and cheese focaccia

. Tomatoes, Cheese Focaccia

. Broccoli, cheese Focaccia

Half dozen $18  Dozen $36

. Buffalo chicken, cheese Focaccia 

. Hamburger, cheese Focaccia 

. Ham, cheese Focaccia 

. BBQ chicken, cheese Focaccia 

. Sausage, cheese Focaccia 

   Half dozen $24  dozen $44


     Dozen $14.95

Banana Bread Slices

. banana bread $19.95 dozen

.  Gluten free banana bread $25.95 dozen

. Gluten free protein banana bread 29.95 dozen